2 upcoming kimono events…


*THIS WEEKEND – Kimono models wanted! I’m having a mini party at my house, and am hosting an amateur photoshoot to show off my new kimono stock. I’m looking for local kimono addicts to stop in and strike a pose. Props, and fun ideas are welcome. Saturday, 4pm..my place. Email me at silent_creed@hotmail.com is you would like my address so you can come. Additionally I have 6 little humble gifts to offer the models who show. I have a few interesting pieces including a womans haori that features a woman wearing a kimono while viewing a cemetery in the lining.

*KIMONO SWAP MEET: AUGUST 27, 2011. Hosted at the gorgeous historic Ann Manor in the Courtyard, Toledo Ohio. Kimono, obi, Japanese home decor, and more are all welcome. Trade, or cash is also welcome. Starting time is 4pm and will go until at least 7pm if not longer. We have around 20+ people already confirmed for this event! Again, email me if you are interested and need more details. If you are traveling far and might need a place to stay, I will gladly let someone sleep over at no cost so that they might attend this. Email me at silent_creed@hotmail.com.


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