Book review: Textiles – No. 2 Arts & Crafts of Japan


Title: Textiles – No. 2 Arts & Crafts of Japan
Published: 1957
Original cost: $3.00
I paid: $23.00 with shipping
Size: Small – there are only 70 pages, but these pages are packed full of information and textile works of art that span through the ages. A little book that packs a punch.

This book is an outstanding resource for those who crave historical information in regards to textile techniques from as far back as the Nara period up to the Meije era. In particular I got this book to try and learn more about the Kosode during the Momoyama period. There are a variety of quality color and black and white photos inside this book that provide great examples of kosode and kimono through the centuries. In the back of the book there is a true gem of a discovery…a color scale, and reference list of the plants used to make the various colors used in dyes. Later on Im going to retype up the dye list from this book and share it online to a few historical re-enactment groups as a resource tool for them.

If you are a history buff this is a great book for you.


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