Maiko Hair – How to in a magazine


This past weekend I had the pleasure of visting Columbus Ohio. I was there on vacation to visit my husband who is in the city for 2 months due to work, it was his 40th birthday. While there I went culture hoping and had to stop in a very special store that was very widely recommended to me: Tensuke Market!

Website for more info:

I ended out walking out with an armfull of cool Japanese stuff (mostly gifts for family). There was something in the store that I saw but did not buy. There was a book that was a hair guide to hair styles women can pair with kimono. Guess what hairstyle made it into the how to guide? MAIKO HAIR! EEEEEEEE! I do not know too much about their hairstyles, a friend of mine Rebecca says it is the shimada-mage.

I snagged a few basic photos. The magazine is still there for anyone to purchase.


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  1. It seems like you would have to have a lot of hair to do this style, however it would be a great tutorial for styling a wig! Awesome find Kerry!

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