Ramencon 2011 – and what is next? (Lots of photos)


Man I have been busy.

Sort story: RamenCon was EPIC! Simply amazing for a first year con. It was easily one of the best cons I’ve been to ever. I love my local Cons, but RamenCon really knows how to put on a good Con. I look forward to returning next year to sell and teach. I was traveling with the President and Co of Animarathon, after Friday we retired to a hot tub to soak our sore legs and enjoy some strawberry daqureries. Saturday night a bunch of vendors and attendees went to the Tilted Kilt after the vendor room closed. At the Tilted Kilt we sat around laughing, drinking, and generally enjoying each others company.

Here is a picture of a bunch of vendors and such crammed into the backseat of my Jeep so we could carpool over. Being a vendor has really changed my perspective of cons. There is so much behind the scenes fun that most people never know about!

Here are some pics from the Con…I REALLY loved the hotel/location!
My favorite Ramencon events/stuff: Anime and Manage swap meet, Special Guest ‘date’ charity auction to benefit Saint Jude’s Children Hospital, and the EPIC POOL and hot tubs!

UP NEXT: Toledo School for the Arts (a High School) education Japanese Exhibit, Kimono Swap Meet, and Geisha Talk at the Heaterhdowns Public Library


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