Toledo School for the Arts – Japanese Kimono Exhibit


It is with great pleasure that I have the honor to work with the Toledo School for the Arts to create an educational exhibit for the students that features kimono. Sept 2nd was the private opening of the exhibit to the students, staff, and parents – attendance wise it was wall to wall packed. This exhibit featuring an all new and different selection of kimono from the Schedel exhibit will run the full length of the month of September and is FREE to see! Want to come out? Sept 15th there is a downtown Art Walk, and during this time the exhibit will have liver entertainment and more offered for those coming out to the kimono exhibit! Details are as follows…

“SEPT 15th: FREE and open to the public is the Japanese exhibit at the TSA. Sept 15th from 6pm to 9pm they are having TAIKO DRUMMING, RAKU POTTERY FIRING, and now the Toledo BONSAI CLUB is coming to put on a demo!!!” – all that and its free! The Toledo Bonsai Society, and BGSU Taiko Drum Cor will be present and offering entertainment and hands on encounters!

Toledo School for the Arts Website:
Toledo Art Walk Website:


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