Coming up…..FREE STUFF TO DO!


*Dec 3rd (Saturday), is a FREE gaming con! It is called TAG (Toledo Area Gamers), and is FREE to attend! I will be there vendoring kimono, and hosting a kimono workshop. This FREE convention is going to be smaller in size, which mean no crazy crowds to fight! Website with more info is here: . This is a great time to do some personal OR Christmas shopping!

*Nov 05 (Saturday) 2:00pm-3:30pm, I am hosting a FREE lecture at the Heatherdown’s Public Library about the history, evolution and life of Geisha. I will be debunking MANY wrong misconnections about them, and discussing the hundreds of years of Japanese history that took place leading up to the creation of the Geisha and what they stood and still stand for. This lecture will start in the Momoyama period of Japan and extend up into around WW2. This class is for older audiances and is recommended that attendees be at least 16 years old due to mature topics. Website:


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