A passion for art history is my foremost characteristic. Over the years I have had the pleasure of being invited to different venues to speak about kimono: tea rooms, colleges, conventions, and more. My presentations commonly include talk about Kimono, Geisha, Origami, and Tea Culture. This informal blog, covers my adventures, collection of kimono, and general interests. The Greater Art Commission of Toledo Ohio formally recognizes me. I started back in 2005 hosting lectures, and have enjoyed meeting a wide variety of people over the years. Most of all, I am always eager to learn more from creditable sources who are willing to teach.

Foremost I believe that everyone interested in kimono and the related culture should not have to deal with rude or snide “elitism”. A friendly smile and helping hand is the best method to use to foster interest in kimono and culture. I have met and talked to people at all levels of interest and find their personal stories about kimono fun.

www.OhioKimono.com – Japanese Kimono For Sale Online

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  1. Good heavens, this is a beautiful site. I’m going to have to get my “WordPress for Dummies” book out and get to work on mine! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Kerry,
    Thanks so much for presenting and sharing you talents with us at The Pinnacle’s Open House on Wednesday. The event was very successful and thank you for all your hard work. Thanks for leaving some tea for us to try. Don’t forget that we have your tea pot here. You can stop by any time and get it.

    Thanks again,
    Jessica Walser
    The Pinnacle and Central Park West

  3. Hi Kerry,
    I recently did a Kabuki wedding inspiration board featuring a white wedding kimono that you posted on cosplay.com:

    I recently got an inquiry from a a reader wanted desperately to find that dress. Would you be so kind as to let her know who did the dress, if you have that info, by commenting in the response section here…so others can know as well. Here’s the link to the feature.

    Much appreciated, and love your Kimono insights on your blog.

    • I am VERY sorry to inform you that my computer since died from that very old post and I lost pretty much all of my saved files and information.

      However a quick internet search resulted in: http://www.annaniponica.com/en/index.html – this is the creator of that dress πŸ™‚

      I REALLY like your blog, and the creation for the Kabuki wedding idea! Thanks for taking the time to contact me!

  4. sorry, I posted the wrong dress reference. This is the correct one:

    Again, if you could comment on Wedding Nouveau with the answer, for others to know as well, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks again.

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