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2017 Special Promotion! Kimono sale!



Treat yourself and a friend to a kimono discount! In 2017 if you bring a friend and you BOTH buy a kimono at the time, you both get 10% off your kimono purchase! The kimono have to be bought together at the same time by seperate people. The 10% off may not be combined with any other offers or discounts.

For schedule of events see: – see you next at OhayoCon!

Up Next: RamenCon 2015



Ohio Kimono will next be selling at RamenCon, in NW Indiana!

Ramencon Site:

Ohio Kimono will be selling the following at RamenCon: authentic vintage/antique kimono, obi, haori, kawaii stationary, and more. Everything is authentic, and direct from Kyoto, Japan. 

Glass City Con! July



Glass City Con 2014 is coming up in the end of July and I can’t wait! I have attended this convention for many years and really enjoy it! It’s a busy time for me, but is also a great and very well put together convnetion. This year the convention is in a NICE professional venue in downtown Toledo! If you have not gone to this con, it is worth checking out!

Haori: $40
Kimono: $40 to $75
Obi: $30 to $50

As always, I take payment only in cash.

Volunteer group gathers kimonos for coming-of-age ceremony in tsunami-hit area (news)


In the news….

Volunteer group gathers kimonos for coming-of-age ceremony in tsunami-hit area

ISHINOMAKI, Miyagi — A volunteer organization in the Tokyo metropolitan area is offering a helping hand to people in a tsunami-hit district here by collecting unused kimonos to lend to women taking part in next month’s coming-of-age ceremony.

The organization, Jinrikitai, will provide the long-sleeved kimonos to women in the Ogatsu district of Ishinomaki. It is also seeking volunteers to help style the hair of ceremony participants, and calling on people to “celebrate the start of the new lives of the people who are coming of age, who will play an important part in restoration.”

SCA – Monochrome Momoyama Era Style Scrolls


For our annual Christmas Party (aka Yule Feast) I wanted to offer some gifts to those who attended my tea tasting and history class. So, I teamed up with a local artist who is also in the SCA and created these… I did the research, she did the epic art. The artist herself did great work and Im honored to have been able to make use of her fantastic talents.

*Hand made paper
*The themes in each painting is specifically tailored to a historical poem from pre-edo
*The themes and poems are tailored to a winter tea tasting
*The painting are in the sume monochrome style made popular in the momoyama.
*The scrolls themselves are not period in style..just in spirit.

The primary themes in the paintings are….
*Hares *The Moon *Plovers *Bamboo *Pine – all of which are December / winter themes

And so I present…the mini scrolls:

Fall Kimono Shoot – Kat


The last bits of fall are here and quickly passing. So Kat and I headed out to shoot for the last time in 2011. It’s amazing how fast 2011 has gone by, and how fun it has been. In the photos the obi Kat is wear she bought from me, the kimono she got at a ‘kimono swap meet’ we had earlier this year.

Christmas is around the corner – Im hoping to do a few Christmas sales at the upcoming TAG con.