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Vintage Japanese Kimono For Sale

Vintage Japanese Kimono For Sale

Our online store has a great selection of vintage japanese kimono for sale, and even better we offer fast USA shipping. We add roughly 20 to 50 new yukata, haori, obi, and more to our site weekly. Here is a sneak peek of the newest inventory added to our site, all of which is shipped to the USA straight from Japan.



How To Wear Japanese Kimono – Ohayocon Panel


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  • Kimono 101 – How To Wear Japanese Kimono
  • Where: Ohayocon 2018, Panel 12
  • When: Friday @ 9:30pm
  • Facebook Event:
  • Hosted By: Ohio Kimono, LLC

    Join us for a beginner friendly kimono dressing workshop at Ohayocon 2018.

Buy Kimono

Buy Kimono

Our online kimono store just hit a new benchmark! We have over 1,000 products for sale in our online kimono store. We sell more than Japanese kimono. Our kimono store is full of kitsuke items such as various kinds of obi, haori, juban, and dressing accessories.

We are actively adding 20+ new kimono listings a WEEK and are ramping up for a great holiday sales season! We sell various kinds of Japanese kimono: yukata, tomesode, onsen, furisode, and more! Best of all, we ship our orders from the USA making shipping costs more affordable and much faster for our customers.

Our kimono store is at:

Here are just a few kimono we recently added for sale to our kimono store. See you next at Kumoricon in Portland, OR. After Kumoricon our final show for the year is Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan! WE are excited to sell kimono at both of these great shows! See you there!

20% Off Kimono Sale!


We just hit 2,000 like on Facebook! To celebrate we are having a 1 week long 20% off side wide sale! You can buy kimono, obi, haori and more all for 20% off! Orders over $55 get FREE shipping in the USA! 

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Enter a Free shipping on kimono orders over $55!

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A customer just left us this generous feedback about her haori purchase!

New Kimono, Haori, and Juban for sale online!


In this past week we have added over 40 new listing to our online kimono store! The listings include a selection of kimono, haori, obi, juban, and more for sale! You can visit our online kimono store at

2017-07-17 02_02_20-Ohio Kimono (@ohiokimono) • Instagram photos and videos

Emerald Green Kimono For Sale at

2017-07-17 02_02_09-Ohio Kimono (@ohiokimono) • Instagram photos and videos

Duck Kimono For Sale at

2017-07-17 02_01_56-Ohio Kimono (@ohiokimono) • Instagram photos and videos

Antique Haori For Sale at

2017-07-17 02_01_26-Ohio Kimono (@ohiokimono) • Instagram photos and videos

Vintage Men’s Juban for sale at


Free bag and 5% off kimono with purchase!


We finally have done it! We finally have changed over to reusable Earth-friendly bags to give out to our customers! These stylish bags will not only help our customers out at cons, but also award our customers 5% off any kimono purchase for ALL of 2017!

To get a bag, simply spend $20 or more with Ohio Kimono at a con or festival! See you next at #JAFAX this weekend where we will have 150+ kimono in stock, prices starting at only $30! Friday night we are also teaching a kimono 101 class!

We will also soon have DELUXE bags for purchases over $100!


Japan Festival Boston 2017 & Kimono De Jack Meetup

Ohio Kimono is excited to be back at Japan Festival Boston 2017! We are located at Booth #14 and will be hosting a Kimono De Jack meeting as well! See you there!
Ohio Kimono sells: authentic japanese kimono, haori, obi, kimono accessories, hand fans, tabi, koi nobori, and more!